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LPK2024 EN

Klaipėda University and the Lithuanian Psychological Association are pleased to invite you to the annual Lithuanian Congress of Psychologists, to be held on April 26th – 27th, 2024, at Klaipėda University. The Congress will be held at Studlendas Aula Magna building (H. Manto st. 90-2).


In April 2024, Klaipėda will become a harbor of ideas in psychology. We invite psychologists – both scientists and practitioners – to present their research, share practical experience, and introduce ongoing projects. All researchers from Lithuanian universities, students, and psychologists-practitioners are welcome, from novices up through those with years of experience. Psychologists working, studying, or doing internships in Lithuania, whose native language is not Lithuanian, can submit abstracts in English. As befits a harbor that opens its gates to incoming and outgoing ships, we will provide a space and platform to open the holds of our experiences and ideas, to learn from each other, and to share perspectives. We hope that with our knowledge and work, we can change the world in which we live, making it brighter and more cwelcoming for everyone. We invite everyone interested in psychology to attend the conference: researchers, practicing psychologists, educators, students, and the broader public.


For a sailor, visiting a port is a pleasure: it is a time for rest, exploration, and pleasant communication. The same applies to the participants of the Congress. When you arrive, you will hug old friends and colleagues, meet former professors, wave hello to former students, and connect with new brothers and sisters in the profession. Springing seaside dunes and fragrant pines, sun and sea, and the romantic quays of Klaipėda, replete with ships and sails, await you – a place and a feeling you won’t find anywhere else.

IMPORTANT: Photographs and videos will be taken during the congress and pre-congress seminars, and this material may be published on social networks or other means of information dissemination.


The following sections are anticipated:

·       Organizational Psychology

·       Educational Psychology

·       Clinical and Health Psychology

·       Forensic Psychology

·       Developmental Psychology

·       Social Psychology

·       Other Areas of Psychology

The submission deadline for abstracts is February 15st, 2024.





Lists of members of the Scientific Committee:

Head of the Scientific Committee: Prof. Dr. Ramutė Čepienė (KU) –

Prof. Dr. Audronė Liniauskaitė (KU)

Assoc. Dr. Roma Šimulionienė (KU)

Assoc. Dr. Julia Gaiduk (LCC)

Dr. Raimonda Petrolienė (Lithuanian Psychological Association)

Assoc. Dr. Junona Silvija Almonaitienė (LSMU)

Prof. Dr. Dalia Antinienė (LSMU)

Prof. Dr. Goda Kaniušonytė (MRU)

Dr. Oksana Malinauskienė (MRU)

Prof. Dr. Auksė Endriulaitienė (VDU)

Assoc. Dr. Rytis Pakrosnis (VDU)

Assoc. Dr. Sigita Girdzijauskienė (VU)

Assoc. Dr. Irena Žukauskaitė (VU)


Lists of Members of the Organizing Committee: 

Head of the Organizing Committee: Lect. Dr. Raimonda Sadauskaitė (KU) –

Deputy of the Head of the Organizing Committee: Prof. Dr. Reda Gedutienė (KU)

Secretary: Laboratory Assistant at the Psychophysiology Laboratory of Klaipėda University Emilija Naraškevičiūtė

Lect. Dr. Renata Arlauskienė (KU)

Asst. Dalia Klumbienė (KU)

Asst. Agnė Steponavičiūtė (KU)

Aina Adomaitytė (President of the Lithuanian Psychological Association)

Skaistė Jurevičienė (Administrator of Lithuanian Psychological Association)


General guidelines for abstracts

Oral and poster presentations

Scientific oral presentations

Practical oral presentations

Project presentations (oral presentations)

Poster presentations



Theoretical oral presentations





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