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EFPA kviečia į konferenciją „Psychology for Health“, vyksinčią 2012m. rugsėjo 20-21 d. Briuselyje.

EFPA kviečia į konferenciją „Psychology for Health“, vyksiančią 2012m. rugsėjo 20-21 d. Briuselyje. 

Oficiali konferencijos svetainė:

Daugiau informacijos apie konferenciją rasite čia

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Sir, dear Madam,



Developing healthy life styles, preventing disease, and (self-) managing chronic disease and adverse life events are closely linked to how people think, feel and act. It should therefore come a no surprise that psychology, as the science of human cognition, emotion and behaviour, has substantial contributions to make when it comes to promoting personal and public health.


What psychologists working in settings as diverse as schools, industry, traffic, community, sports and health care are currently doing to promote health in Europe, and what more can be done in – particularly in collaboration with other professions – will be the subject of a unique conference that will be organized by EFPA in September 2012.


This conference will bring together psychologists, other health professionals and scientists, as well as national and European policy makers with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the behavioural routes to public health.


The conference program will comprise of presentations by officials of the European Union (DG SANCO) and probably WHO Copenhagen as well as keynotes by European experts on the contribution of specific areas of psychology to health promotion, disease prevention and managing ill-health. The specific topics are described elsewhere on this website and in the brochure of the conference. Panels about each of topics will give participants an opportunity for active engagement, in-depth discussions, and network building.


We invite experts and policy makers from European institutions, the EU member states, other European countries, the health sector and NGOs to register on-line through this website. As participation is limited to 250 delegates representing different disciplines and institutions, we strongly recommend registering early (before July 15, 2012).


The conference fee will be 260 Euro (early registration) or 300 Euro (late registration).


We hope that you, as expert, will support our initiative by registering and/or by bringing this conference to the attention of colleagues that might be interested.



Yours sincerely,


Prof. dr. Stan Maes 

President of the Conference  

Prof. dr. Robert A. Roe
President of EFPA





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